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Executive Chef and Owner

Nashaunda Law, Executive Chef and Owner

The Beginning of Bossladys Journey

Nashaunda Law is Bosslady and she is excited about being able to share her flavorful shrimp recipes with the world and make it a great seafood life on land. Nashaunda is married to Jeremy Law and they have 3 mutual kids together and 7 kids total. Nashaunda is 35 years old and is also a nurse who owns a home care agency Life Changes Home Care, LLC located in Raytown, MO. Bosslady sold dinners to be able to pay for nursing school and was able to graduate and immediately take her NCLEX in Dec. 2014. Bosslady began to receive facebook messages inquiring about where she was located and catering events. In 2019, Bosslady began to work back on the journey for a chain of restaurants called Bossladys Famous Shrimp with different themes all throughout the states. Today, Bosslady has her first offical location at 18801 E 39th S South Ste 2114, Independence, MO 64057. Second location is already in the making to launch in 2023.