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Jeremy Law, Assistant General Manager

Jeremy Law is 30 years old, married to Bosslady herself, and has 6 kids total in house and 1 outside the house. Jeremy is currently struggling for just plain visitation with his son to help him grow and become a well mannered and respectable young man. Jeremy Law has a minor in history and is an architectural engineer. Jeremy is highly allergic to all seafood, but enjoys being apart of this journey to ensure people do not perform cross contamination amongst poultry, beef and shrimp. Jeremy wants nothing more than to support his wife in any business venture she begins because she has a genuine heart and only looks for ways to help others every chance she gets. Eventually, Jeremy will be venturing out on his own journey in 2023 to begin his dream project. Jeremy has a passion for Remodeling and Property management. Jeremy wants to build small communities. Jeremy would love to build them throughout all 50 states and promote small family like communities.